Subtle Waters

Subtle Waters


Ever since I have know Stephanie she lit up a room with her bubbly personality. She creates an

energy that you just want to be around & I am pleased to call her my friend.  So when she agreed

to do some photos with me I knew it would be a lot of fun. I think we came out with some great

photos and some good memories.


" Be Happy "


" Be Bright "


" Be You "






Film Community

 Film Community

Always been interested in film photography and the process of getting the photograph from film

to paper. There is no room for error and sometimes when you aim for a photo that you want with

the settings in the camera they may come out completely different to what you hope for. This is

the fun of it because you tend to lose focus with digital photography and forget about the little

things that could be the most important things. Something that can be easily fixed in post with

digital but not so much with film. I'm forever learning different ways and methods of digital/film

photography and the way it is evolving each and every day.

Underwater Art Series

Underwater Art Series


I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Asia Youngman ( videographer/photographer) & Sarah Laila

(model) to come up with an underwater art series of photographs that express motionless emotions. If anyone

has ever shot underwater they would understand how difficult this can be. To be able to get the right buoyancy

and pose was a challenging task we faced ahead, nonetheless I think I was able to capture some beautiful

emotions. I have always been fascinated with how objects & humans are perceived underwater in there

motionless state.

“Life is endless, boundless, and motionless even while it is transforming and transcending.”